Feature Request - Mario Kart integration

It appears you generate all of your own content, but I wonder if you could license and use GPT3.5 to translate 3d/VR from Mario Kart to Zwift. There would be some remapping of x-axis logic, I imagine, but I’m sure your code is tight enough to abstrct the ride behaviors and just use the paths and landscape.
There might be a huge value add to your user base, and create a “buzz” in the industry.

For EX: Might be a fun POC/Dev Jam/Code challenge for your team to keep them fresh. And may not be too expesnive to license as it would provide synergy and cross pollination of marketing and sales for both orgs.

It has been suggested. My guess is the chance of it happening is zero.


Yeah, unlikely to happen, though surprises do happen every now and then (anybody remember boost mode?). If you want something you can actually play, this one comes pretty close, albeit with a space-billiards-keirin look, and is currently in private beta (you can probably get an invite pretty easily):

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Or this copy of RacerMate II on ebay for $475 :smiley:

Thanks applied. I think its just the tunnel and volcano imagery in Watopia that made me think it would not be too much of a stretch, then thought remapping with AI would automate a lot of the translation.

I’m sure its not a prority for everyone. I guess it might be easier and bigger market opportunity for Nintendo to integrate a smart trainer. My kids used to have some sort of bike integrated game and they loved it, but the software was very limited.

Caley Fretz on the old Cyclingtips podcast (now on the Redundant Placeholders podcast) used to say that he’d join Zwift as soon as you could shoot turtle shells at people :smiley:

Grand Theft Auto Bike is another option

Wii Fit - Cycling, I always wonder if this had any influence on Zwift,
my memories are -
why can’t I ride this?
I’m not tired but my avitar is :frowning:
and again, if only I could hook up a trainer to this !

Mario Kart - Nintendo Licensing says no, as it’s a spoilsport (and costly)