Feature Request: Bring back static pace bots please

Not only uphill but on the flats. To be accurate I should have said slopes above 0.00001%.

but then how do we explain why I can’t supertuck at 80kph in TdZ without getting dropped from the double draft

I’m not sure. It depends on a few factors. Remember that super tucking is not some magic power that guarantees you stick on to some group. It just reduces your frontal area (less CdA - aero drag). Then all the calculations depend on things like distance to the ones in front of you and subsequent draft, what power others are putting out, speed, slope, etc.

There seems to be different experiences with regards to auto-braking? Can you speak to this example?

OMG, yes - I’m late to the party (just saw this thread), but FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, it’d be really nice if some true steady-paced bot options could be offered. (I’m not advocating for replacing the dynamic pacers, but if we could just get a steady 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 pacer, that’d be amazing - finer increments within those breakpoints can be made by changing frames and wheels for the ride). I sorely miss having a solid pace where I could target my training needs w/o too much slacking off, or w/o eventually blowing up due to repeated surges!

What I do is use the TT bike and ride on my own.