Family and Child Plan Request

It’s not a zwift issue. It’s an issue for all those that expecting a discount for a service for no reason.

Kids go free if other platforms offer family packages that’s great people are free to switch if they provide a better service for the cost but right now Zwift is market leader and for you money at full price compared to other platforms even at discount/family pricing it still seems like zwift is the better value for most so I don’t see them cutting prices and reducing revenue

I’m in support of the family plan. I know the platform is free for under 16 year olds and that’s commendable - thank you Zwift.

I think that families should be encouraged to do more together… but let’s face it, it’s unlikely that a family will have a smart trainer each, so access to the platform will be limited for each person. Providing a discount acknowledges this and makes it easier to pay for a service that they can perhaps not access as often as some other users.

I don’t see it as a ‘right’ and I don’t understand why some people have posted so negatively about the suggestion. But really that’s a moot point. This thread started in 2018 and when it was moved to this forum, the comment by Zwift was to “enjoy the discussion”, which doesn’t sound like they are actually taking note of it, but instead are happy to just leave it bubbling in the background.

I’m kind of lucky though as I tried to get my family into cycling and even started up Zwift children accounts for them, however, they didn’t enjoy it as much I’d hoped so they stopped. I guess I’ll not need the family account myself :cry:

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We know that the request exists.

Essentially what people are asking for is, discounted adult pricing for multiple users?

Under 16s are free as has been discussed over & over…

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I thought it was like my old Raleigh Equipe - I know it’s in the shed… but I’m never going to ride it again.

Seriously though. If you consider how often families sharing equipment would use Zwift. I imagine they would be ‘riding on’ less than the most active individual user.

(BTW, thanks @JamesBailey… that was a super fast response)

You’re right @Lee_H , but nobody has really given a reason why it should be considered, so I offered one.

I actually bought a second smart trainer for my children to enable them to use Zwift whenever they had the urge and I had it set up ready to use at any time too. Given our setup, I’d have been happy to pay a full-price subscriptions for two to use Zwift. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

That said, if my other two children had also shown interest and all three shared a trainer - swapping bikes each time that used it - I know that the overall usage would have been low (because they would have been put off by the need to swap the bike each time, dragging one in from storage and putting the other back), so the cost of three additional full-price subscriptions would have stung a little.

I know I’m referencing children, but that’s because it’s my experience. However, that experience is easily translated to young (or not so young) adults who share a trainer, but not a bike. It’s not however so easily looked at from a runners point of view.

At the height of the pandemic lockdowns in 2020, their chief of marketing said on record that ‘it [didn’t] feel right’ that multiple accounts were required per household, the vast majority of which will only own one trainer. Turns out that was bollocks, and they’re totally happy with it. The thread is so old because the concept been dismissed by the company even when it would have been appreciated the most.

Fortunately they’ve got an army of loyal subscribers willing to fight against better offers on the company’s behalf; people who presumably don’t personally take advantage of any other shared digital services such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime and many others, and never buy multipacks of anything. :rofl:

There’s literally no point discussing it I’m afraid.

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Has the Sandbagging thread not taught you anything, another 3 years and you might get a MVP*… Don’t give up hope when your so close…

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Hello there,
I just joined Zwift and was surprised (more disappointed) that there is still no family option here. Add me to the list of users awaiting got this feature.

Just bought new trainer; trying Zwift on trial. Wife is also trying the trainer. If she gets into it, no family plan will be a strike against Zwift…