eye of sauron

saw a hot air balloon lit up on The mountain section and thought, if that was the eye of sauron gazing at me I would have to pump in some more watts to escape it’s gaze. And I would be rewarded with some rare gear or jersey or achivment if I did.  Please add the eye of sauron and a rare event of it staring at you while climbing the mountain just to add a bit of suspense to the climb.

This is just ridiculous. 

Hi Lukas,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I’ll add in on the request list and will see if other people will vote it up so we can put it onto our radar. 

In meantime stay tuned and Ride On!


Hey lukas -

I thought the same thing the first time I saw the orange balloon lit up in the sky next to the mountain. Consider this my +1 :smiley:

Just remember…one does not simply cycle into Mordor!