Extreme Weight Loss

Used to bike 100 miles a day and do heavy power lifting on top of it 10 years ago. I would eat 4 lbs of rice 2lbs of chicken 12 mcdoubles a large bag of peanut mms and other random things every day. I settled down with a girl and my bicycling dropped down a good bit. then went back up to 35 miles a day. then i had a kid and my bicycling all together stopped for a few years. Then i got a labor intensive walking around all day wrestling 400lbs job. then i got a shoveling 90,000lbs of sand a day job. then they stuck me in the office and i turned to goo. i spent 3 years behind a desk getting my weight up to 210 of almost pure fat. I did go to the gym awhile to lift and do 15 mins treadmill or exercise bike everyday but not much. i spent last summer bicycling every day for my 13 mile commute up and 13 miles back at my leisurely pace. My weight still hung around 210lbs. Anyways I spent a week Zwifting on a Sunny dumb trainer and lost 25 lbs only adding a little extra food to my diet. I spent this week riding a wahoo Kickr and lost another 6 lbs despite tripling my food intake. For the most part I’ve felt great and only needed two days off from my riding over the 2 weeks. I have noticed my arms are healing slower. I started a second full time job stocking produce lifting several pallets of potatoes and much more every night. I’m getting into new healing techniques. I got a roller stick and a back roller. I wish I had known about them sooner. what kind of food are you guys eating? How much do you guys eat vs miles you put down? Which direction is your weight headed? Which way would you prefer it go? My goal at 5’10" was to have a weight of 230lbs muscle. I am sad to be at 179lbs this morning and realize i still have a few lbs of fat on me and so little muscle.

Cardio isn’t great if you are trying to gain weight.

If you want to gain weight then eat more cycle less if you want to lose weight eat less cycle more. I know that is a bit too simple but generally hard to afgue with.

Everyone is different (metabolism, activity levels aside from planned exercise, genetics etc) so trying to follow what someone else does is likely to give different results.

It is a bit trial and error, just try the above and vary the food and cycle until you get the result you want.

I dont mind fat burning right now. i can slowly build muscle this way. Ive done it in the past. I am just curious about how other people are eating. I never got a chance to talk to other people passionate about cycling. 99% of people in NJ are interested in drugs and not much else.

I am eating like a horse and weight is not moving. I need to lose a good 15lbs+. I don’t ride that much though, 3-8 hours a week.

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I’m 56 years old, eat as much of everything that sounds good (candy, hamburgers, beer), ride 4 days a week for a total of about 8 hour average and my wt stays around 75 kg.
I have had periods where I will gain at bit but I don’t know why because nothing changes except me getting older.
The added weight will then leave and nothing changed.

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My wife prefers to do the cooking around here so I’m served “take it or leave it” which usually means I down to adjusting the amount. I’m not into low-carb or anything but I try no to overdo on pasta, bread etc. I limit my candy/chips to one evening a week and just one can of beer as recovery drink sometimes. Losing weight used to be so much easier when I was younger (45 now). My weight is pretty much stuck at 86kg (184cm tall) but those last 5 kg around my waist refuse to leave.

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If you are trying to lose it you want to make sure you are not exercising in the cold and that you are getting proper sleep. Weight loss is a metabolic change and excessive cooling from internal (drinking cold water while exercising) or external (air conditioning, fans) can really ■■■■■■ the process. Sleeping allows your body to finish burning your calories.

Welp, I hope this helps! :upside_down_face: I have read this book…

I’m a triathlete and by just reading this book I’ve been eating enough for my body to burn enough calories and eat enough to recover as well. I’ve placed in 4 triathlons because the book is helping me see what I need to do. It also shows you some good examples of people from all over the world who are going into major competitions. I seriously hope this helps because it helped me and a lot of other major racers. :grin: