Every two second screen freeze [April 12, 2024]

Hello - On my last couple of Zwift rides my screen will momentarily freeze about every two seconds and then go again. It’s not just my avatar that freezes, it’s the entire screen. I have been using a Wahoo Kickr trainer for about 6 months now and have never had any issues until this week. I’m running Zwift on an Alienware M15 using Windows 10 Pro, which I have been using for over a year with no issues. My system has a NVIDIA GeForece RTX 2060 GPU. I’ve tried rebooting my computer a few times (no impact), updated my Wahoo Kickr drivers/firmware (no impact), and made sure that Zwift is the only application running on my machine (no impact). Again, I’ve been using this same machine for over a year now and nothing has changed that I’m aware of. I’d be grateful for any assistance to help resolve this issue. Thanks!

HI @Doug_Turk, welcome to Forums. I’m Juan from Zwift. I appreciate the detailed explanation.

Based on your description, your device is capable. However, sometimes the issue could be related to your local device setup such as A VPN or Proxy server, Firewall, and internet latency.

The best way forward would be to contact us.. I hope you don’t mind including the following info.

  1. Does it occur on a specific menu screen or in-world or maybe a specific world, route, or location?
  2. Does it occur in a specific type of ride (e.g., free ride, workout, group event, pacer ride)?

You can also send us your crash logs and game logs so we can look into them.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, check out this article for steps on sending your crash logs and this article for steps on sending your game logs.

It’s be great to hear from you soon. We will be happy to assist.

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