Event Sign-up Notification for followers

It would be great if we could get notifications when someone we follow signs up to do a race/ride/group workout. So many people at home want to connect with their friends and this would be a great way to get more friends in the same events!

@Zachary_Kovalcik not a notification per se but in the companion app when you look at events it will show you how many people you follow are also signed up for the same event. The best we have right now.

Seems like a feature that could be a push notification for your “favorited” friends only perhaps.

Even a feature that shows events that someone has signed up for when you look at their profile. This would also encourage riders to “pre reg” earlier for events to draw interest.

I would be more likely to sign up for a race and possibly become a regular if I know that someone I know IRL is doing that race.

This is all we have for bike racing at the moment and its a great opportunity to give the racers something like the community they are missing at the moment.

This would be a great feature! a lot of riders in my club, now that winter is narly here would love this to be a push feature for favourited riders