Esports world championships

How can I watch the esports world championships?


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Thanks Mike


Zwift have published a list of places to watch:

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Anyone got the actual link for the stream? Can’t actually find it on the Youtube site

It’s in the link that I posted. The actual video probably isn’t live yet.

Yeah that just takes you to the general Zwift page. Normally they have it preloaded so you can set a reminder. I wonder if I can only watch it on Eurosport

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Thanks, as I suspected. Not available in my country.

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Wait so on the companion app it’s popped up before. If I just press it then it will go to YT and just let me watch? I’ve tried it but it’s never worked lol

I get the same message on Mike’s link but I’m pretty sure it’s not true that I can’t watch it in the UK.

Hmm, I take it back, looks like I can’t watch it on YouTube in the UK. REALLY, Zwift?

Probably the UCI who is restricting it to their partners to televise it.

Zwift could at leaat have communicated properly about this.


Thank goodness for VPNs.


Thats true

Same here.

No mention of geoblocking on the email.


Pretty crap of them to GeoRestrict to users - pretty unimpressed.

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The geoblocking was definitely thanks to the UCI, guess they didn’t even allow competitors to livestream their own riding.