Esports world championships

Couldn’t find it, didn’t watch it.

21st century e-sports with 20th century geoblocking.

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Didn’t miss much. I find it unfathomable that the first E-Sports world championship should be reduced to allowing gaming “powerups” whether they influence the result or not.

Can you imagine if they are used in the Olympics?

What a joke.

Oh and while I’m on my high horse, well done British Cycling, your selection process really paid off didn’t it!

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I can’t believe they missed the start and the first climb. Two areas of significance that were clearly going to result in riders being dropped. I would really like to know how far Clancy made it before being dropped.

The broadcast stream seems to be now on the Youtubes at least in this corner of Monetizania as well. Too bad they didn’t show the races from the start (and that the races overlapped). In the women’s race, all the IRL pros with no Zwift racing experience (including all the Dutch riders) got dropped on the first climb before it even got to the halfway point at something like 5–6 km from the start.