ERG mode on/off (feeling)


when I’im in ERG mode on, the feeling at for example @ 200W is al lot different of the feeling @ 200W when ERG mode is off.
In ERG mode this is quite easy to maintain 200W but when ERG mode is off this is quite difficult for me to hold it for some minutes.
Is this normal or is there something not functioning well? This should be the same feeling no?

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With EGR on, the trainer will increase or decrease resistance to hold/target the 200W regardless of your cadence (within reason). With EGR off, it may feel harder and in some cases easier to maintain 200W because more simulation variables are introduced into the equation.

200W at 20 rpm feels much different than 200W at 100rpm. Yes a watt is a watt but how you produce that watt can be very different. This type of difference is likely why it feels different to you.