Early Feedback, Not really impressed

With all the reviews I was expecting to be really impressed and wow’ed by this game/program.

Here is some of my feedback

The course is way too short - I know it is beta, but it gets boring very fast, especially those who like to do 30+ mile rides with some variation in the scenery

I have no idea what half of the stuff on the screen means. No manual is posted anywhere either, but I figured out most of the stuff on my own

It needs workouts and more courses badly before I will every think of putting down 10$ a month for this. I ride for variation and this is not enough at the moment especially to do it day after day

Interval workouts would be nice, especially with set sections

A warmup period should be allowed

There is not enough of a sensation of speed in the app. It feels the same if I am going 5 mph vs 30 mph.

Screen controls and displays need serious help. The bkool interface is soo much easier to read at a distance (elevation, stats, etc…) compared to zwift which may work well on a laptop in your face, but those of us with a big TV 10 ft away makes it hard to read

Music integration…needs spotify or google music integration as I end up just turning down the sounds in favor of my playlists.

I also use bkook and while it has its own issues, it has much more variety, is more entertaining and a better workout

Gregory, I agree with you on #2 and #8… that said… We are Beta testers, not product reviewers.

#1,3,4 are all “features”, that aren’t needed to test the hardware and software.

Personally, using a kicker, I do get the sense of speed or elevation as Zwift controls the resistance.

I must agree with 2. I know we are testing but hard to test when we are not sure what things are.

I agree with most of these points. So far, Zwift is an interesting way to ride the trainer, but I won’t be doing a Zwift ride in lieu of an ErgVideo ride on computrainer for actual training. The graphics are very well done, and the ability to ride, real time, with others around the world adds an interesting element. There is a LOT of potential. Definitely more courses and features are needed to be ready if paying customers are desired. I’m actually amazed how much press and interest Zwift has been able to drum for a product that seems to be a fair amount from release date.

re documentation, I agree it’s lacking, but not expected to be complete in beta. As a beta tester, it’s frustrating that there isn’t more information on the roadmap of improvements and bug fixes being made. It seems like lots of comments being made on here, but no indication of what is being incorporated, what was already being planned, etc.