Drops should be able to buy caps, gloves etc

I have noticed that no matter what level I achieve, there are no more wheels or frames that I need. I can get 3x3 (stars: aero/lightweight) frames and wheels, 2x4 frames and wheels, I think I even can get 3x4 or 4x3 wheels. What I can’t get are 3x4 or 4x3 starred frames. What I do wish you could purchase would be basic cycling caps that match jerseys you already have. Or matching colors of helmets or gloves to frame colors. Some frames you can spray paint to whatever color you want. Why not gloves or helmets. Not real fond of Zwift Orange for some of these basic items. At level 31, I was thinking there would be a lot more basic gear from which to choose, or at the least Drop-Shop purchase.

I just want more cycling caps, whether by purchase (with drops, not real $) or unlock :grin:.

This is a good idea. I’m at level 40 with 5 million drops and nothing to use them on until I unlock the disc wheels at 42 and 45. Being able to purchase kit with drops would be a good opportunity for more product placement, and it would probably be almost universally well-received by Zwifters.