Drops counter stalling and frozen pedestrians [Jan 2023] [1.33]

I noticed two bugs while riding the TdZ Everything Bagel tonight.

  1. The drops counter stalled repeatedly – sometimes for minutes at a time

  2. A saw a lot of pedestrians frozen mid-stride.

Mac OS version.


same issue here drop counter is frozen after update installed Jan 25 on window 10 tacx neo


Thanks for the report. We’re investigating.


It appears that we cannot earn drops unless the gradient of the road is above 6%. It’s broken in this update.

PC, in the Biehler Syn group ride currently.

edit: I just did a sprint at the end and it went up by ~400 drops. It looks like there’s something maybe broken about the rate that drops are awarded at based on the effort. Something like a decimal place got added.

Also drop counter no longer works as intended. Just stops and then starts sometimes if you get a ride on.


Same issue here on ATV.


I see the same thing in the PC version 1.33 and the resistance on my trainer is now acting backwards. Decreases going uphill and increases going downhill.


Just did an easy recovery spin on Watopia and the drop counter was not going up. It worked very shorty on a short steeper grade section on hilly reverse then stopped working.

I rode Road to Sky today as a workout, after the update, and the only time the drops counter moved was when I received a “ride on”. After the multiplier finished the drops stopped increasing until the next ride on.

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Adding to my ERG report:

Drops counter is also broken. Slows down, speeds up, stops completely for a minute or two, increments one or two drops. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Also not getting any drops.

Not getting drops D ring pace partner rides unless ride ons are active

Not getting any drops since updating?

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Yes, this is happening for me as well, latest update running ZwiftAppMetal.

Computer is 5,1 Mac Pro 2010 with Xeon X5690 CPU, GPU is Radeon RX6600XT 8GB and Mac OS 12.6.3 (the version released yesterday).

I did ride briefly Ven-top route and didn’t get drops there either.

I felt that resistance adjust isn’t active.

No drops and no XPs for me now (after level 60)! Zwift really is spoiling us :rofl:

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No drops since updated, Zwift on Windows 10 PC with iPhone Companion app for Bluetooth.

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The drops counter is definitely broken with the update. It only works if you get a ride on from a fellow rider then it stops just like you describe. There seem to be a couple of other triggers but I was never looking at it when it started back up. One seems to be a sudden high wattage effort, like a sprint or real uphill effort. I restarted twice on the Robo Pacer ride after updating and the third time just lived with it when I saw chat comments and I realized everyone was having the same problem. My game settings were all messed up right after starting the first ride. I had to go through all my settings and reset my bike in the garage. I was back on the Zwift standard bike instead of the Tron without realizing it. Worst time I have had after an update.


Same on ATV on free rides, pace partner rides and on a race this morning after 1.33 update installed.