Downhill position why so long!

Downhill position why so long !

A downhill position below 10W is too long! I wait 30 seconds. I have direto and my wheel revolves around so much. The one who has an ordinary roller trainer can press the brake and immediately has 0W.

I do not have a chance to race when you have to go downhill. The downhill position when the crank does not turn.

I think what you’re trying to say is it takes too long for your rider to go into a super tuck position as it waits for your power to drop to zero. This is more of a trainer issue rather than an issue with Zwift. I note that when I use my power meter as the power source that the power drops to zero quickly but if I use my Hammer trainer it basically never gets to zero even if I’m not pedalling and shows 5 - 10 watts as the big heavy flywheel takes about a minute to spin down and stop. Maybe Zwift should make it so that if cadence is zero and power is under 10 watts plus the gradient is -3 or more you go into the super tuck. At the moment as far as I know it’s zero watts and gradient more than -3.

my Direto when he’s not pedaling has 0W. only from 200w to 10w takes a lot of time. When someone uses a roller and brake, they can stop the wheel immediately. it’s an unjust game!