Does effort increase during a workout program

Okay, funny thing happened on ZWIFT today… haven’t ridden for ages so bought a Neo 2 to motivate myself, chose the 10-12 week FTP workout plan and started yesterday with week one (skip this week if you’re in shape) Not so bad but today OMG I literally nearly died, only after the workout did I realise that I had been browsing the workouts and left it on day 2 WEEK12. Seriously I am still lying down two hours later.

Which brings me to a question: when I really get to week 12 will the program have increased the required effort based on my progress? Many thanks for feedback for a new ZWIFTER who now reads the fine print much more carefully before clipping in.

HI @DaveMarshall, the workout plans will get more challenging as they progress, but it is all based on your FTP. Have you done an FTP test or ramp test recently? You may have it set too high if the workouts are too hard, but fast forwarding to week 12 will certainly be an un-welcomed challenge!

Thanks for the reply Mike, I thought the program would calculate and ramp up required watts over the weeks of the program, really just starting out on any watt based training platform. The effort or FTP seemed about right it was the frequency of the intervals that caught me out.

Should I be doing an FTP test every few weeks to adjust training effort?

My belief is you do an FTP test at the start and then if they want you to do one they will put it in the plan. Maybe they put one in at the end to see any improvement.

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