Display max cadence in real life (RLMC) for more realistic climbing

For climbing more realisticly on Zwift, I made a simple little table consisting of two columns:

  • Column 1 with speeds from 15 down to 5 km/u
  • Column 2 with the corresponding cadence on my lowest gear (RealLifeMaxCadence)

The idea is to pin the table to the wall next time I’ll be scaling the Alpe, and gearing up (or down) until my cadence on Zwift matches my RLMC, making the simulation much more real (as it is now, my cadence during climbs is way to high and thus comfortable for the speed I’m riding, making the simulation unrealisticly easy).

So I was thinking it would be really cool to have the option to have Zwift calculate your RLMC (lowest gear could be entered in profile settings off course), and display it next to the cadence you’re riding at.

Even better still, Zwift could give us a visual (cadence displayed in red) and/or audial warning when “realistic climbing mode” is turned on, so I don’t have to check constantly whether my cadence still matches the speed I’m driving at.

What trainer are you using, if it is a smart trainer then put your trainer difficulty to max.

Tacx Flux S, difficulty set to max. Should simulate up to 10% gradient, but it does not. As I said, cadence far to high for the speed I’m driving at. I don’t think I’m the only one either.

Yes your trainer won’t be able to simulate the Alpe. And there is nothing you can do. You can try to only stay in your big front chainring.

Actually Gerrie, there is something I can do as I tried to explain above that is a bit more sofisticated than what you are proposing. But Zwift could make this so much easier for me, and probably some other Zwifters - maybe even you -, hence my feature request.

Curious as I am I couldn’t resist analyzing your January 5th ride on Strava and selected a section with a 10% gradient:

Your avarage speed (blue line above) in his section is 6,3 km/h (3,9 Mph) at an average cadence of 70 rpm. (pink line below). So this makes me even more curious:

  • Didn’t you have difficulty set to max?
  • or did you have a gear at your disposal with a 0.7 ratio (f.i. 35T chainring, 50T cog)
  • or doesn’t your trainer really simulate 10% slope either and are you going to upvote my feature request?