Disgusted ...Pace Partners

I’m not really saying that at all. I’m sort of fine with it being more dynamic BUT it goes over the top from time to time.

I just wonder how this was actually tested?

I think for heavier riders its not quite right in places.

This is what frustrates me…Its always …your computer has an issue or your connection …or you are not riding right…or no is not an issue… zero acknowledgement it could be an issue with Zwift. Maybe zwift code is complicated but testing this would be easy. Id love to know how it was tested and was it tested by a range of rider weights? Or is there some sort of parameter file that was tweaked and tested over time and when the feedback was ok that was that?

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You keep saying that but you also don’t describe your issue. From what I can gathered is you experience what Zwift intended. If you have something different we would try to help you fix your problem.

This type of info does not help us find the problem.
So when does it go over the top how much over the top?

It sound like your system is doing something different than most people experience therefore it must be your system.

Zwift dynamics has been tested by thousands of riders of all weights. If there is something strange they will report it and up to now nothing has been reported.

That response was to putting all riders on TTT bikes.

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if people want to do 3.2 w/kg or whatever for a long period without changing even on climbs then why not just make a workout and stick erg mode on for an hour.

I should point out i never ride with pace partners so have no real skin in the game on this.



Yes what a mess that would be. Bunch of triathletes riding in aero together. Pack dynamics consist of road rash and broken carbon.


It was tested over a period of months during the summer with lots of feedback from users. There is a giant thread about it in the FutureWorks sub.

The problem now is not the dynamic pacing of the PPs. It is the drafting physics and pack dynamics, which have always been weird in Zwift. That is being improved using the same type of request for feedback from users that was used during the new pace partners development. In the near future we will see improvements there.

Aside from that it is difficult to discern what your issue is because you seem incapable of articulating your problems. From tidbits of info in your posts you seem to be focused on keeping your W/kg at a certain level rather than varying your power according to your position relative to the PP. That won’t work.

Right now PPs are more like a group ride IRL where the power to stay in the group varies because IRL it changes for things like the accordion effect, people power climbing small rises, surging toward sprint points, etc. It does not matter that the equivalent causes for power variability don’t match what is IRL but the power changes approximate what you get IRL. If nothing else it is more mentally stimulating than grinding away at the same power level.

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Actually that could be fun, the groups one week get to enjoy a 120km ride as a group all on TT bikes instead of cruising along in a group. :cowboy_hat_face:

I’m using TT bike this week and riding alone because the pace partner groups around my power are on not very appealing routes. The only one on Tempus is far too slow.

When a majority of the northern hemisphere was riding outside instead of on Zwift. :smiley:

There were requests for less uphill power increase and more downhill power decrease well before summer started and here we are with basically the same metrics as were introduced with PP dynamics last spring…

Not that there are 8 D bots, 4 C bots, 4 B bots, and 2 A bots, I would settle for one Coco PP that ran on Fuego Flats and/or Tick Tock with the pre-January of last year programming. Everyone else can keep the 17 other dynamic bots. :rofl: That was a nice steady state experience. Something happened in late January/early February and CC inexplicably sped up and was never the same.

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Actually yes put a 2.5, 2.9, 3.3 and 3.8 bot on Tempus Fugit all year round with steady state power and I think those will be popular.

Coco group today on Watopia when I joined had 16 people only… 16! Last week same time more than 150. As soon as the hilly routes come along, everyone vanishes - they switch over to the bot that rides the flattest route with closest power to what they are used to.

For dynamic pacing, maybe they could spice those up with sprinting too, because IRL group rides also have sprinting. :wink:

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I think @James_Zwift tried to organize the weekly Pace Partner rota so that each one would be riding on both a flat route (e.g. in Watopia) and a Hilly Route (e.g. in Makuri).

So, if you only want to ride with Coco on a flattish route that option should be available most/all weeks.

There were approximately 15-20k riders daily riding with the Pace Partners at that time.


Yes people don’t like climbing. they just want flat and fast. :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:

22 posts were split to a new topic: XP For climbing

Plus they were the people who did not pause their subscriptions during the summer, i.e. the most dedicated Zwift enthusiasts. :slight_smile: :laughing: :rofl: :smiley:

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Having several PP on Tempest has some good qualities but then we have the issue of the mess that occurs when two large groups overlap (possibly 3 or4).
You could make the other groups invisible but many people used to warm up with coco then jump in with the Brevit group as they came by.
I have not ridden with a PP much since the new changes.
I think most of the complaints seem to indicate that some people won’t be able to ride with the same bots in the same manner as before.

I do wish that if you jump in with a PP and ride with them for 30 sec, a pop up would ask if we want to join the group or at least follow the route.

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Joined B grade bot just before the climb out of the desert. “Easy” 3.5-3.7 w/kg on the flats and had to go 4.5 w/kg to keep from keeping dropped on the climb. As soon as we hit the top of the rise, I dropped the bot as they backed off at the crest. Wtf is this? :joy:

That’s the new dynamic PP. They speed up the climb. :anguished:

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Absolutely dreadful. It defends my previously stated position that this idea was implemented by someone that has never raced or trained with a coach and/or power meter. Total Jabroni style.

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yeah if you want to stay in zone now your options are basically z1 with a z1 pace partner or z1 with a different z1 pace partner