Direct Connect

I tried connecting my Kickr v5 to my MacBook via LAN cable to enable Race Mode.

But I am not sure if the machines are actually connecting via cable or still just doing it via BT as usual.

Is there any surefire way to know that I am connected through the cable? I can’t really shut off BT since the HRM still needs to connect

If you’re using the Wahoo Direct Connect device, you should see the connection option in the power pairing window that has an icon resembling an RJ45 connector, like the one highlighted below (image taken from one of Shuji’s postings):

When mine’s connected like that, I see activity LEDs on the PC’s motherboard I/O panel that suggest that the signal is passing via that route and have just assumed that the BT signal is being ignored. You don’t have such LEDs on the MacBook, but I recall there being one of the Utilities apps in MacOS that enables you to visualize data connections. I haven’t actually tried deactivating BT on the PC, but that’s what I’d do if I wanted to be certain that the Direct Connect path is being used with KICKR v5.
Edit: Why not deactivate BT briefly, for a test ride, and then reactivate it so that you can use the HRM in a race?

Thanks! I didn’t see that option to connect via cable when I tried yesterday, but I’ll try it again. And I could of course turn off BT for the warmup or a test ride, but I am still uncertain if it will just jump back to BT connection when I turn that on again

No worries. I recall there being some ‘add devices’ rigamarole that had to be gone through the first time I set up the DIRCON on my PC, for it to be recognised. Once that was done, it was fine and I have always seen the RJ45 connection icon in the pairing screen since. No idea if it’s different for a Mac, but Wahoo’s site has a plethora of help pages concerning DIRCON.

By the way, I found this there: “A Bluetooth connection to the KICKR is not possible while DIRCON is set up.” ( That should ensure that it doesn’t flip back to Bluetooth once the DIRCON is connected.

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Oh. I definitely didn’t go through that whole process (in fact, I haven’t even downloaded the SYSTM app to the Macbook which seems to be a must). Lots to try out, it seems. Thanks!

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My pleasure. I didn’t download SYSTM to my PC when adding the DIRCON – I think that’s just Wahoo guiding people to use the SYSTM platform instead of Zwift. :wink:

By the way, I was curious to see what effect shutting off Bluetooth on my zwifting PC would have on the connection, so checked it just now before loading Zwift. As expected, the only option available in my power pairing window was then the DIRCON version of my KICKR. I seem to recall that I needed to have Bluetooth active for the initial set up of the device, so don’t hamstring yourself by deactivating it before establishing that DIRCON’s working on your MacBook.

Of course, when it’s all working, don’t forget to also go into the Wahoo mobile app and enable Race Mode in the settings of your KICKR. :ride_on:

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