Different speeds

Hi guys ok I ride zwift a lot level 27 I ride my zwift setup with correct weight and height and age I ride with a wahoo kickr 2018 I have my difficult level on max and when I ride for an hour I ride roughly around 20-21mph average and when I compare this to the real world I am pretty much the same I have it set like this so it feels real and that the harder I work on zwift this will be reflected in the real world where I get annoyed is someone I know rides with his correct weight age and height but he is travelling at 25-26mph average constantly he rides with power pedals and smart trainer now without being harsh this guy is lucky with a 19mph average in the real world my question is how can this be done in zwift because it baffles the ■■■■
Out of me and it winds me up lol any input would be appreciated guys

without knowing alot more, it can come down to things such as the type of bike and wheels. If he is using a tt bike and you are using a zwift steel for example then there is your difference.

I have the concept bike which if I understand is the best bike I could be wrong

I think one of the big differences between Zwift and IRL is how aero people are. Zwift assumes everyone is the same in terms of ride position and clothing. And I believe it’s pretty generous in terms of drag. It’s possible for some people to put a lot more power down when they can be very upright and open. There is no penalty for that on Zwift. When I see riders outside, on a sportive for instance, it is remarkable just how upright some ride and how baggy and flappy their clothes are. Those people will be much faster on Zwift than IRL.

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