Diadora Treadmill

Hey runners - I am looking for recommendation. I have found Diadora is selling Treadmills at a very competitive price. I’d like to buy one Treadmill that has at least 3CHP (as suggested by Zwift) and fully interactive (withouth using the pod).

Does this look good?

This mention Bluetooth in its description:

One thing I notice is : it says the engine is 3HP but does not mention what the continuos HP is?
Also I am not clear what sensor is needed to connect to my PC to interact with Zwift?

THanks for your help here

Here is a link to support “smart” treadmill for Zwift: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/supported-running-hardware-SycvahzDB

Even if it has Bluetooth, it doesn’t mean it is an open protocol that Zwift can use.

I would suggest a “dumb” treadmill and Stryd. In my opinion it will be much more accurate as far as speed goes.