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My TOW Stage 1: Group Ride on 2 April 2021 featured incorrect power numbers due to a calibration issue - can I have this deleted. I have deleted on zwift but cannot delete on zpower.

Profile ID: Shay Miller1967

Flick an email to with details including your Zwift username, Zwiftpower ID and event ID. They dont take requests via the forum since closing the Zwiftpower forums.

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Hi, I have the same situation, I’d like to have the below results deleted.
I did not know the trainer had to be calibrated. Now I’m regularly doing the calibration and keeping the right tire pressure.

My Zwiftpower ID is “Alcides Solano5322”

These are the events I’d like to delete from my results.

6 5/31/21 The Bump Sprint Race
WKG 6/5/21 Olympic Virtual Series: Chase Race
15 5/25/21 KISS Race Series - Americas PM
5 5/21/21 Ascenders Team Singapore Zwift Ride

Hi @Alcides_Solano

As in the post above:

“email to with details including your Zwift username,”

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