Cycling Plan Designed for Improving Climbing

I would like to see a 8-10 week cycling plan for improving climbing skills.

If you’re talking about long climbs, then a training plan designed to increase FTP will do it. The rest is mental. The Zwift training plans are mostly designed for entertainment - most riders will be better off with more hours of low intensity and workouts that focus on certain zones. A lot of Zwift workouts try to cover every color of the rainbow and don’t focus on anything in particular. And it’s hard to train for a specific outcome without having an event date in mind so you can create a calendar that builds toward the goal and includes light weeks in the right places.

Improving climbing requires many different elements. One thing i find helps is to raise the bike front wheel to simulate about 6% climb angle. This changes the muscles used when pushing good power to more closely mimic outdoor hill climbing.

Obviously i could buy a Wahoo set up with the Climb device or even a Wahoo bike and it would do all that for me. But hopping off, slipping a block under the wheel just before a long climb (10+ minutes) is free and suits me fine!