Cycling for weight loss

There it is, the old CICO argument. You body is much more complicated than that simple thought. How many people have been told to eat less and move more only to continue to gain weight each year, and dont say it’s because they are lazy. So many people fail at weight loss because of this over simplified theory. This is why 99% of diets fail.

Your weight is hormonally regulated. If you reduce the levels of your fat-storing hormone, insulin, you’ll likely have an easier time losing excess weight. There are plenty of studies to support this.

Here is a helpful resource:

Virta health study:

And this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on metabolic health. Being in an ideal state of health is much more than a number on the scale.


Thanks for proving two of my points: (1) pseudo-scientists are plentiful and (2) that the uninitiated focus on the “how” and ignore the “why”.

People fail at weight loss because the fad diets are unsustainable and/or unhealthy. But every single weight loss is due to calorie deficit, regardless of method. Hormones, along with genetics, is an over-used distraction from the basic science of “why” you lose weight; what you’ve just mansplained is the “how”, which is different for every individual.

Sure, exercise doesn’t work for some as it does for others; cutting down on carbs works for many but not others; hormones, insulin, genetics, gender, etc. - but you can’t change the basic laws of physics. Hormones may mean your BMR is lower or higher than others; T2 Diabetes may mean low-carb is for you; other health issues may mean that you should cut down on protein instead. But, again, you will ONLY lose weight if your energy consumption is lower than your energy expenditure.


Emann - I mostly focused on riding at z3 to sweet spot, 80-90% of FTP because I wanted to ride every day and not restrict my diet too much.

For 3 days a week, you could ride one session at 90% for about an hour; another longer session at z2 (the KISS Base rides are excellent for that); and a threshold workout to help you raise your FTP, e.g., 2x15 or 2x20 at 95-100%

Strength training is a great idea, as this will help increase muscle usage and raise your BMR (how many calories you burn without exercise), as well as helping in your training.

I’ll take the doctors advice, but you do you bro!

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Either you didn’t understand your doctor or you don’t understand the difference between the “why” and the “how”. Not sure how to break down further something so basic and fundamental…

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I do. Just add it’s how that works IRL. Get rid of voodoo pseudo-scientists. Amen. Your need for voodoo alimentary restrictions is inversely proportional to your determination to train.

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First off, Congrats on taking on this challenge! I am a professional Mtb and gravel cyclist, supported in part by Elite and am excited you are liking your suito!

Id definitely recommend something focusing around zone 2 and 3. If you are unfamiliar with zones, there are a bunch of good articles out there on google. Essentially as long as you are in these zones for a long time (lets say 1 - 1.5 hours as you have) you will burn fat.

I see a lot of people urging you to diet, which is fine, but I usually shy away from unsolicited life advice on the internet. Do what makes you happy! Honestly as a racer who knows how to cut weight, I simply reduce alcohol intake to 1 beer a week and lose lbs quickly.

Feel free to reach out via instagram! @Dillon.osleger

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I’ve been something like a pro runner in the past, but now I’m 67 years old. I mostly train on a 3-2-1 weekly routine, today. Means three easy, two hard, one halfway. Or 4-2-0 if bored.

Zwift side, being a B rank, say 3D + 2B +1C. And I go to the ballroom on Saturday, that’s like to add a D for 4-2-1.

If you can’t train a day, delete easy workout, as long as your generic fit allows you to do HIIT or something like threshold or VO2max. That will rise up your BMR, as already said.

Have fun. Paolo.


What I’ve found is that you can’t fully achieve results without either diet or cycling. I used to cycle only and it only got me so far. A few months ago, I got onto a External link removed plan and it changed my life honestly. I’d say put major emphasis on your diet, even more then your cycling. These are the guys I used if interested.

Hi, I cannot find the KISS base rides on the zwift application…can you kindly advise under which section of workout or plan or routes can I find them please.


Hi…thanks for your input…which plan where you following so?


Times in EST

But there are many Group rides on Zwift, find a group that you like in your time zone.

thanks for the tip

First you need to adjust your diet and exercise. With some techniques to accelerate fat burning, you will lose fat faster. I wear a men’s waist training belt when riding a bike. After the ride, my waist sweats very much. Waist is gradually decreasing, I am sure it is effective.

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