We all ride Zwift to improve our performance, but we’re not all road racers in real life.

How about allowing “stopovers” to allow restart of a longer journey the next day? We could “buy” bikepacking equipment, and test our climbing skills with full panniers (and perhaps extra water bottles). It would also allow slower endurance cyclists to enjoy the further reaches of Watopia by doing the longest routes in two or more stages. I’ve seen tents on the hillsides already, so we could also stop at campsites!

I had the same idea but for bikepacking on training plans.

Zwift simply needs to allow the user to use a heavy bike with customizable weight from 40 to 60 lbs, customizable drive trains and tires ranging from 32 mm slick to 4" fat and knobby. It should be easy enough to simulate using smart trainers.

Couldn’t you just add 40-60lbs to your weight and ride the Buffalo bike?

Not a bad idea.