Custom workout creation tool on website

(Piet Hugen) #1

I love the new custom workout creation tool. It’s easy to use and very intuitive, really great work!

Could you make it available as a web application so people can create their workouts outside the game and then copy the XMLs to the folder on their devices?

I think that would make it a lot easier for people to (re)create their favorite workouts and would hopefully encourage people to share their workouts.

(... david (aka "setuid")) #2

This is probably something you’ll see created by the community, vs. created and managed/maintained by Zwift themselves. 

I know others are working on a repository, parsers and other tools to manage the new workout formats, so stay tuned… something will arrive! 

(Piet Hugen) #3

Sure, that makes sense. I might have a go myself even, but I’m curious to know if zwift has anything like this planned already.