Current heart rate in percentage

Zwift already allows you to enter your max HR. Please add a feature to display the current HR in game in percentage of the max HR.

I prefer it as it is but then I’m a runner and we use HR values differently.
I can see why you’d want it like that as many training programs & workouts ask you to do things at 50% or 80% etc…
I find it better that it shows how close to my max I’m getting as i can see what capacity i have left.


There was a discussion about his longer ago. I can’t find the thread anymore.

In every other training situation i see my heartrate as % of max HF.

Am i the only one who misses this really bad in Zwift?

Maybe this one?

Am i the only one who misses this really bad in Zwift?

No, you’re not alone.

Because of chronic illness and my recovery journey from this, I prefer to train to HR zones, and not power. So having zones on screen and not just my HR would be extremely useful. I like how it’s done on the running UI.

My triathlon training has basically stopped now, but I was trying to do the well-known 80/20 method, and having confirmation that I was in Z2 when riding would have helped enormously.

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