Crosswinds echelon


A very nice feature would be crosswinds. It would make racing more realistic.
Echelons would be created and you need to fight for position and make sure you stay in the draft.

Hope to see this feature being added soon.

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Without steering this will be difficult.

See this for a similar request. Non drafting sections or cross wind sections

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I don’t think steering is necessary.
Just make drafting more difficult when there are crosswinds and it will work.
Meaning you have to push more watts to stay in the wheel.

We just love crosswinds in Belgium :slight_smile:


Don’t get me wrong, I want wind in the I think it will add to the tactics in racing. What I wanted to say is you wont see echelon’s form because you can’t steer to stay out of the wind. but what you would see is long stretched out lines of racers.

I think Wind will be a lot of fun.

RGT, which I’ve not personally tried, has an energy penalty for moving up thru the pack. This would make the pack dynamic more realistic. Part of this may be due to the way it calculates power (server side rather than client side, I understand, but honestly I don’t know for sure).

One of the features of real crosswinds is riders get stuck “in the gutter” from where moving up is extremely difficult. One can’t simply sprint up into the echelon – the echelon is fully occupied. The Zwift “bee swarm” dynamic, where there’s no impediment to moving up, may not capture that well.