Cross Race or MTB course

Love to see a cyclocross race course. Realize of course this will be a ways away but would be cool to have a different forms of racing.

Hmm – as much as I love cross, it’s a lot defined by the “skills” of a rider – and unless there are sophisticated “action moves, steering and crashing” simulations (what kind of input device should that be???) available it is pretty pointless to ride on a CX lap I think.

While there is the technical riding of Cross and MTB those disciplines are definitely won by stamina and multiple high watt accelerations. If every rider had to decelerate or use a max watts for a corner or obstacle it would be the one who was able to get back up to speed quickest and most repetitively.

Right, agree – would be limited to a massive interval action with near zero rest with a nice visual when to go. May be a some required exact timing for putting power down to gain or loos time! Need some one to set up a VR CX race scenery in future :slight_smile:

Would love to see a MTB version of Zwift! Or at the very least some MTB specific (or even better Enduro/Downhill specific) training plans…