Copy Prior Meetup

I recall seeing a copy meetup option, but do not recall how/ where that was. Can I copy a prior meetup and edit/ update the details? Until Club feature comes this is a great way to get friends together, but I don’t want to push add 100 times.

Open an old meet up

That’s the window I recall, but I cannot see it now. Are you using the Companion App?
I went to Activities, then click on a Prior Meetup. Here’s the front screen I see, but I recall your screen in the past.

Had to Click the Info within the window to pop up!

Much appreciated!

Hey @Chris_Crush_MS, if you go into events and then meetups like you are going to create a new one, your meetup history will be there too. Easier than scrolling through your activities to find the old meetup I bet.

PS, can’t join you this weekend. My son has hockey now every Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m.


I’ll be bouncing the times around for the MS Power Hours! See you on the road!

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