Control Zwift from Garmin Edge / Virb remote

A cool feature would be if it was possible to control Zwift via Garmin Edge / Virb remotes. Define in settings what the three buttons functions, for example left / right arrow, spacebar, send a ride on callout, change camera angle, take picture etc.

Edge 1000 & 520’s have the ability to run apps now … so this is something that might be possible.

For a while they did implement the feature to control Zwift using the buttons on Di2 9070 STI leavers.  This was really annoying because when you clicked them to change screen on your garmin your view in Zwift would change.

Luckily they removed the feature.

They should if implemented not automatically pair your remote like they did the Di2 STI leavers but allow you to choose if you want to pair and then what each of the buttons does.

I would like it to choose the turns within Zwift using my Edge remote.

> Edge 1000 & 520’s have the ability to run apps now

Oops, slight correction … the 520 can run apps … the 1000 WILL be able to run apps (but not quite yet).