Control intensity/wattage with Play controller outside of workouts

It would be GREAT to be able to use the new Play controller to change power meter resistance during regular rides (i.e., when NOT in a workout). Kind of like an electronic way to change gears.

I like to stay at a certain wattage and not have Zwift change my resistance based on incline, so it would also be great to be able to manually change resistance without allowing Zwift to automatically change it (i.e., without having the power meter paired as “controllable,” or having it paired as such but with a setting for resistance to not change based on incline.)


Good idea. Before the Play controller could manage this setting, the game would have to support doing that at all. It’s been requested numerous times by people who have gearing too low to achieve reasonable resistance.

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just set trainer difficulty to zero and use your gears to increase/decrease the resistance you feel.

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