Continued Pack Dynamics feedback?

I’m optimistic that improved collision detection will improve the pack draft dynamics. Hopefully it stops some of the churn, and doesn’t allow riders to sit impossibly close behind and as such receive a stronger draft than should be possible.

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This time, the changes basically impacted what was the Pack Dynamics 3 “module”, so it was only natural that the person that worked on it was the specialist of PDv3.

In terms of changes that can potentially influence racing I know that the overtaking was greatly improved to do something that some requested for a long time. Overtaking will now happen most frequently on the outside instead of pushing others in front out of the way. That will be interesting to see how the packs behave. But mostly it was a change that has a bigger impact on the visuals making the packs more realistic and balance the steering vs. non-steering users with improved auto draft searching.


thanks for the reply :+1:

@DavidP do you know if changes to overtaking are already activate? Because overtaking still seems to happen on the inside all the time.

No, I think it’s not yet fully enabled as far as I know

There was just a handfull of Group Rides this week with PD5…will we get this tested in some races?

where are those events available? @DejanPresen

Well I have seen a FB Post about using 3 Group Rides for a test…i don’t know much that’s why i asked.