Constant/dynamic heart rate training


started using zwift couple of months ago when I got my wahoo kicker snap.
I find it strange such powerfull app with paid subscription don’t have basic function like training according to heart rate target. What I mean by that is you set lets say 150BPM and trainer adjust resistance according, so that you stay near your desired HR all the time.

Before you pro cycling people start roasting this idea, please keep in mind I am a casual who sometimes just wants to burn some calories doing steady state cardio, if I had some cheat food before, and I need to burn some calories in the most efficient way. And yes, steady state cardio is the way to go for simple people like myself and maybe some others too. Strain on your body/calories burned ratio is the best, is what I mean. If you think I am wrong, I respect that, but that’s what I need. So that’s the option I would like to see and be able to use whenever I feel like just burning some cardio without feeling like climbing Mount Everest.

Please let me know if something like this is in the making and if its ever going to be considered to make. So I know if I need to look at alternative services to that can provide this.

This has never been true. A more efficient way to burn more calories is HITT or strength training.

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Good for you man, but its true for me. And… its not what this topic is about. Are we getting option mentioned above or not is the topic.

Hi @Petras_Vizgintas

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The best way to do what you are looking for is making a Z2 (Blue zone) workout. in Z2 your HR will be constant at the same power. There is no magic at x watt or x HR.

But as Paul pointed out HITT is the best bang for your buck to burn fat.

I often have to remind my self “Also you can’t out train a bad diet.” :sunglasses:

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Hey Gerrie, thanks for feedback and suggestion.

I have not seen any options for zone training for cycling, maybe I am missing something?

P.S. most efficient cardio is SSC for me. Can’t handle HIIT. Keep in mind I was talking about me :slight_smile:

That is not opinion that is fact. A lot of people believe that steady state cardio is the best way to burn calories/fat and that has never been true. HITT and strength training are far better.

All I am doing is stating correct information, not stating an opinion.

No Paul, that’s just your opinion. And that’s totally fine by me, we can all have one. Let’s not turn this into a discussion about something that takes ages to argue about, since I do not share the same opinion about that matter. Let’s keep it for another time and place. For now, let’s just talk heart rate training option, please.

Ya, that is not just my opinion, that is a fact of science. Go ahead a search of the internet and you will find that HITT and strength are much better for burning calories and fat. This is backed by science and not opinion. Strength training builds muscle that in turn burns more calories. It is a misconception that steady state cardio is good at burning calories and fat.

Misinformation on these forums needs to be pointed out and corrected.

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MR Science :smiley: sure if it helps you sleep at night let’s go with that.

How about you do some research before dismissing what I have stated.

you can make a workout in any zone you like.

I made this workout for when I need those long Z2 training rides. My HR stay around 130bpm in Z2. So if you want 150bpm then you just increase the zone or resistance.


you can see my HR stay constant in the Z2 section.

The problem with controlling the trainer based on HR is your HR lag your power, so it will be almost imposable to control the trainer based on HR.

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Oh, this reminds me why I try not visit forums :slight_smile: .

There is always some random dude who gets triggered and attacks you for no reason.

The best cardio is the one you can keep doing constantly, and HIIT is not that for me (and maybe some others). So it is just flat out not the most efficient cardio for me because I can’t handle it. If that is too hard to understand, then no one can help you :confounded:.

Hmm, ok. But it says 15min @ 235w. Did you make this workout by heart rate zones or power?

Are you suggesting I make a workout by fixed wattage and see what zone my HR stay in for that workout? And if needed, to adjust wattage accordingly by lowering it or increasing it to match the HR zone I am aiming for?

The workout is by power, but your HR will stay mostly constant at constant power.

Please keep the forums civil and make sure you are posting correct info.

Ride On!

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Yeah, I get it now, thanks for your help. I will look into this option for myself. But it will take time to estimate the wattage I need to choose for me. Having HR zone or constant HR workout option to just select and go would be more convenient :slight_smile:

It would but it will be hard to program and control that.

Try a Z2 and see what your HR does.

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While HIIT may well be the best workout for burning calorie/fat (it’s not that simple but I won’t bore everyone with the details), it’s not HIIT if target power cannot be achieved. It’s not a simple matter of 8 x 20s max / 10s recovery - if a rider is unable (for whatever reason) to reach the required power, then it is not going to achieve the desired training effect.

As for steady efforts, you will see HR rising slightly - known as cardiac drift - even if you keep power as an absolute constant. If you are indeed training by HR, you may need to be mindful of power needing to drop during long efforts.

The old Tacx Training app (TTS, that everybody loved to hate) used to have that mode. It was a bit touchy to use - you had to really ramp the target slowly, otherwise the load would just rise like crazy to make your HR go up. I used it a little back in the days. As far as I can tell, they don’t have that mode in the current-days app anymore. Not sure any cycling app does. As @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ indicated, use a power equivalent, the result will be the same for all intents and purposes.

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Programming was no problem - but controlling it was another story altogether. Once you got your HR to the target, it got better, but getting it there was, let’s say, not optimal.

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