Connection failure at the start

I’m a newbie. I can pair my smartbike with Bluetooth.
No problem, so I could start to cycle.
No way. My avatar doesn’t move. I cycle harder, but it remains there.
The batteries are ok.
Nothing is interfering nor is any other device connected with Bluetooth.
I haven’t paid for an abonnement yet. Is that the reason?
PLEASE HELP! Thank you :pray:.

If you pedal the bike while you’re on the pairing screen, do you see any Watts on the tile labelled Power? If you see power there but your avatar doesn’t move, that could be an account issue. If you don’t see power then it’s probably something else, such as the bike being paired to more than one thing (eg, Zwift on two devices, or some other app still running that is paired to the bike).

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Thank you!
I will check it out

Hi Paul,
I see no Power…

I don’t think this is a problem with your account. Did it ever work or is this your first attempt to use the bike? Some bikes need to be configured to broadcast power data, but I’m not familiar with the one you have.

Hi Paul,

It never worked :face_holding_back_tears:.

I will write to the firm where I bought it…


Met vriendelijke groeten.

Ina Huych

Hi @Ina_Huych, welcome to forums. This is Juan form Zwift. Seeking help from our community was a great idea. Thanks @Paul_Southworth for your suggestion.

From what you mentioned, you use a smart bike, isn’t it? I’d like to share with you our supported indoor bikes article

Anyhow, It would be great if you contact us to bring you with one-on-one assistance, so we can help you get this figured out.

If you’re unable to resolve it, you may have the option of pairing the bike to the QZ app ( and using it to bridge the connection to Zwift. This is a common solution for people using odd spin bikes that are not compatible. If that’s necessary you can talk to the developer @Roberto_Viola about how to set it up.

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Hi QZ developer here, if you want I can help you on this! Let me know!