Companion App - Customization


I’m sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but I couldn’t find it.

I’d like to raise a suggestion where you can change the highlighted field (the top of screen) on the “dashboard” screen of the App. I suggest that you can double tap on the data field you’d like to set as the top data feed of the screen. I’d like to use Heart Rate for certain parts of circuits and then have Cadence for others etc…

I’m on IOS and have an iPhone mounted to my handlebars for in-ride viewing.

  • I’d also like to have an “onscreen” lock function (a small area that you touch to lock and unlock) to disable the screen of the App “screen switching” due to sweat droplets.

Image as an example of current screen

Does anyone want to customise their ride screens?

I would. When racing, watts and hr are the ones I care and would like them together.

It would be nice to be able to customize like pages of a GPS head unit

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It’s even more relevant now with immersive view