(Daren) #1

The commentary on last night’s KISS Super League race was the best I’ve heard so far. I think Matt also teamed up with Nathan for the women’s race, but I wasn’t able to watch that.

They did a great job last night; Matt even seemed to be interested and know what he was talking about, which is an improvement on a few weeks ago when he seemed a bit in the dark and dismissive.

(Mike ) #2

Plenty of comments on the live feed about the improved commentary, however, I was personally disappointed by the lack of pre-race coverage this week - only 5 minutes. For eSports to grow there needs to be a connection with the riders. Take an F1 show for example, there are interviews, features etc. There could even be a 5 minute stock demonstration of how Zwift works for the uninitiated, it would add some variety and interest to the build up, instead of it being done within the main race commentary every week.