Clubs and Pack Dynamics

To make club members feel more like a team in race situations like e.g. ZRL, where the team is in focus, could it be an idea to change the pack dynamics to make club members seek other club members in the field? By “seek”, I mean that the pack dynamics algorithm makes riders try to steer into the draft of other club members and place them laterally close to each other.
This feature would have to be configurable per race/race series.

This will make it easier to e.g. execute a coordinated break, make it easier to draft club members, etc, and create a better team spirit.

This reads like a more complicated version of rubber banding (which is on the roadmap)

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I wasn’t thinking rubber banding actually. It is more about leteral placement of riders in the field.
If some of the rubber banding functionality can be used, that is a bonus, but my suggestion does not have much in common with it.

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yeah, not rubber banding at all, more like a preferred person to draft… sounds very difficult to pull off, but I’m no programmer so what do I know?


I would guess it could work something like this (conceptually)

Find next rider position:

  1. Calculate vectors to club members
  2. Find the average vector
  3. Try to move in that direction if possible

Particularly if some of the processing is client side and not server side.