Club Ride Ons and Zwifting Now

I follow about 2,300 people.

However, in fact I don’t necessarily want to closely follow all 2,300. The majority are in DIRT, and following them is the best way to give out Ride Ons when they’re riding, through the “Big Blue Thumb” in the Companion app.

With Clubs I would like this to be extended to both people I follow, and people who are in clubs I’m in.

Similarly, Zwifting Now would have three tabs:

  • Everyone
  • Following
  • My Clubs

I’d imagine that final new tab would show which World they’re on (as “Following” does now") but also show the Club icon so I can tell which Club they’re currently riding for.

(TBH, I think the “Everyone” tab is useless these days. In the early days I’d scroll to the end and give Ride Ons to people who’d ridden furthest; but scrolling through 20,000 people is a Sisyphean task. So it could actually be reduced to two useful tabs: “Following” and “My Clubs”.)

It would be nice to have a “Sort” option (ascending/descending by distance, by elapsed time, by start time) and a “Filter” option (gender, country, level) for “Zwifting Now”, but that’s a bit off topic :slight_smile: Being able to filter “Zwifting Now” by club could be useful though …

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Sort / filter options would be good, and make it useful again.

I’m more interested in being able to give a Ride On to all club members currently riding though.


Agree with that - everyone is too big so being able to give ride ons to people I am following and clubs then that would be a good feature.


I agree.

Being able to do a simple filter like:

_ Show Followers
_ Show Following
_Show Club XXXX Riders

Check the boxes to include sort and match in such a way one could look at Club Jarvis people I Follow, Club Jarvis people who Follow me, all I Follow etc. etc.