Club Activity Issue

Recently joined a club, but my activies since joining are not showing in the club activities for some reason. Can’t seem to find any option in zwift with the new layout to select your club before you start a ride. Am i missing something? Any help or ideas would be appreciated


Thanks for flagging @Matt_Walsha, I’m following up with our engineers internally to see if they know what might be causing this.

@Jon_CrazyFlame adding you to this thread as it sounds like you are both running into the same problem!

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Hey @Matt_Walsha & @Jon_CrazyFlame,

Are you both using the new home screen? (pictured below - please note not everyone has access to this yet)

If so, this feature is missing from the current version and is scheduled to be added in the upcoming May release.


Thank you @Ryan_Scannell . @Jon_CrazyFlame was reporting on my behalf. I am using this new home screen. I have ensured I have all permissions set properly. I deleted the other group I am in and I am only in Jon’s group now. When I click on the “world” button for the routes etc, I do not get the drop down menu for the groups selection. It is not on my screen at all. bizarre thing though is that up until 3 weeks or maybe 4 ago, my rides did show in our group activities… #puzzled

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Hi, yeah using the new home screen but there is no drop down menu to select your active club before you do a ride like Tamara said. Will that be resolved in the next update?

After much internal discussion, we will be moving this to the “save activity” screen at the end of your activity. You will be able to decide if you want to share your activity with your followers and additionally, decide if you want to share your activity with a club you belong to.

This is currently in development and we are hoping to be available soon.


when you start up zwift on the ride/world select screen there is a option to select your club. hope this helps

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@Ryan_Scannell & @Eddy_Lee

Still not working, despite a few updates since. Any timescale as to when this will be sorted please and why it seems to be working for most people?


If you had a club selected as active before the change to the new update it sticks with that one; i.e. “seems to be working”.

Annyoing issue, especially with the release of the increased number/functionality of clubs.

Thank you all for providing feedback on this topic.

Yes, the new home screen removed the ability for you to select an “active club” which will then share your activity within the club activity feed. This was moved to the save activity / end ride screen as a drop down menu option. Unfortunately, there is currently a bug that I have been looking into the last two days where this is not working as expected. We believe we identified the reason why and hoping to get a fix out soon.

As far as future plans, we are still thinking about how selecting a club (before or after you ride) may change your experience once you are in the game when it comes to club identification, leaderboards, and progression / leveling.

Please continue to provide feedback to help shape the future of Clubs on Zwift!


Still having issues with having my activities posted on my club. I see you were doing a work on a couple of weeks ago. Any further progress please?


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Same issue here, after saving an activity with club selected it doesn’t show there.

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never checked but just looked now and i don’t see any of my activities since May appear under clubs.

While fixing that would be great if you could also remember your active club so you don’t have to choose after every single ride.

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Still having issues as well. Somehow, I was able to successfully save one of my activities to the club, but none since. This is extremely frustrating

another ride-not-uploading experience
I created a club today and tried to upload the ride I did after that. Nothing has uploaded.

it’s probably not worth getting people to join the club till that bug is fixed

also looking forward to rubber band on rides so we can enjoy riding together socially

but good to see clubs climbing in the right direction

Thank you all for raising this issue and apologize for the frustrating experience this may have caused. We have identified the problem and will be resolved in the next game release.


I use a MacBook running current IOS and have the new ZWIFT Home Screen. I’m only a member of one club in which I’m the owner. I have selected the share to club option after each ride, and none of my rides show in club activities. Just posting so others who may have a similar set up can see that ZWIFT is still having issues and it’s not a matter of settings on the Users part.

This issue was addressed in the most recent game version 1.27 update. Thank you all for your patience.

I’m still having this issue. Mac OS, current version of Zwift. One activity was saved in the 1 club I joined, none of the 4 others uploaded this week have been.