Climbing most efficiently considering rider weight

I am thinking that to climb most efficiently (i.e. as fast as possible), a heavy rider should increase watts during flatter parts of the climb (e.g. gradient <7%) and decrease somewhat in the steepest climbs(gradient >7% and especially when very steep>10%) This would logically be the best strategy as I would assume absolute watt play a larger role when gradients are low compared (higher speed sp aero is also a factor) to when it is very steep when w/kg is the only factor(aero not a factor)

Example road to sky:
Assume I can hold max 3.8w/kg average up the whole climb.
Therefore I do 3.6w/kg in the steep sections, and 4w/kg in the less steep sections (assuming 50/50)

Also in a race be sure to draft on the flatter sections if possible.

In a race this would be the optimal strategy for a heavy rider. For a light rider,it would be the opposite?

Thoughts regarding this? Or is a even w/kg the whole climb a better strategy?

Would be fun to do some tests…

Hi @Trond_S_Marthinsen_V

I would think it is the opposite, you need to put out the most power when you go the slowest to minimize your losses.


Didn’t @Shane_Miller_GPLama do some testing on the Bolonga course?

Yup, here it is: