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I’m still new to zwift and general to riding a stationary bike. I own Zipro Rave which turns out is semi-compatible with zwift and other app. It’s 250$ bike and its major flaw is resistance not working correctly. Resistance level that app set on the bike is on so low level that for each 1km I drove zwift shows about 0.5. There is a workaround - just turn off resistance and set it manually but it spoils the fun a little bit. So I’m starting to think about something better but still in affordable price (so no wahoo or tacx). On Zwift page we see list of compatible indoor bikes but this list isn’t accurate which you can see from this post - I’m wondering if we have some other cyclists that uses indoor bikes to ride Zwift and can recommend something affordable and doesnt cost around USD 3k.

Also I’m not interested in trainer + bike setup. Mainly because of the noise that’s generate.

You should talk to @Roberto_Viola about whether your existing bike can be improved with the QZ app ( before you buy another spin bike. I don’t know your bike but none of the budget spin bikes are particularly good and many of them need some kind of fix to be usable.

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Hi @Dawid_Schulz QZ developer here, let me know if you have any questions about QZ!

Hi @Dawid_Schulz Welcome to the Forums! I’m Norman from Zwift. That’s valid, Indoor Bikes have an easier setup and are generally very quiet noise levels, the drawback is that they don’t have a big presence in the market and the best ones are usually very pricy.

Have you had second thoughts about getting a Direct Drive Trainer? There are many cassette trainers that are as quiet as a gentle breeze, DCRainmaker does a great job of comparing noise levels in their trainer reviews.

And honestly, most of the noise that comes from riding in a Direct Drive Trainer comes from the bike’s drivetrain, as long as you have a nice lubed chain, noise shouldn’t be a problem. Being a firm believer that the better bang for the buck comes from a bike + trainer combo, I recommend the Wahoo KICKR CORE.

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Hi Roberto, sorry for late reply. I was try to use QZ on my own but I fail. App going crazy on first screen - bluetooth discovered plenty of devices (like TV,headphones etc.) and see my bike but doesn’t connect automatically.

Then I force Rave white in option

But this doesn’t work - as you can see - I have tiles, bike name, however QZ and Zwift doesn’t react to my pedaling.

Of course I’m aware that my bike is very niche - it’s own brand for one company from Poland and the market is really really small and I’m probaply the first person who use QZ app :slight_smile:

Right know it’s more than enough for me - I’m just want to lose some weight and gain some strenght but I like Zwift and have 100% expirience that it’s offers would be nice :slight_smile:

Hi @Dawid_Schulz send me a nrfconnect screenshot about your fitness trainer to Roberto.viola83 at
Nrfconnect is a free app on the store!
Let me know

For a setup that is completely silent and rivals the Wahoo Shift, (but much cheaper) get a used Peloton ($400 on marketplace right now), and a SmartSpin2k( $230). According to DC Rainmaker, the power is pretty good on the Pelotons, but you can always upgrade the setup with power meter pedals later if you want it spot on. I am the main developer of the project, but anyone can contribute, or build their own. In fact, we love the community involvement and am continually amazed at how members have developed designs to accommodate their own bikes such as a motorized damper for the concept erg bikes.

Hmmm. It’s actually pretty much the same, only there’s an entire multi-million dollar marketing department behind the others trying to convince you that they’re more than they actually are. The SmartSpin2k project is open source, and anyone can build one if they’d like.

Giving the community options to improve their fitness at any price point is what this is all about.

How to lose any credibility quickly.

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