Cheap-ish PC build for 2160 ULTRA, 70FPS average

(C) #1

Built the following for under $700.




Power supply:




If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll also need a $10 bluetooth dongle, keyboard, mouse, and of course TV or monitor. WiFi too, if you’re really starting from scratch.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

You forgot the OS.

(C) #3

Ha! That I did! So if you’re really truly super duper starting from scratch, there’s a Windows 10 license needed as well.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #4

Bad link for the SSD and PSU.

(C) #5

Oy. Clearly did this before my AM coffee. Fixed now!

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #6

I would suggest this SSD over the one you posted, it is a little over $10 more, but well worth it:

I would also spend just a little more on the PSU:

For the memory, if you are just going to suggest 8GB I would go with:

Not sure if the CPU cooling is included in your spec out or not, but that needs to be a consideration and could change the case size.

You could probably save a little on the case if needed.

(Jari) #7

I run a Cryorig C7 ( <$30) cooler with my i5-8400/GTX 1060 SC 6gb mini-itx build - works great.

(Gerald) #8

When I add all the items I get approx. 850$ :thinking:

(C) #9

Woah! I just got $760 before tax, but weird that prices have spiked since only a few weeks ago.

(C) #10

Yep, stock snap down cooler comes with the CPU. Temps are nice and stable for both CPU and GPU through an hour’s worth of riding. Definitely room to OC if/when I decide to fall into the Apex Legends vortex. :smiley:

(C) #11

I got this build list mainly from They do a good job at keeping up to date recommended specs/budget. I know, everybody has their own little tweak, but this list worked great for me and at least when I bought it all came in under $700. But I guess, as with most things, YMMV.

(Steve) #12

A general comment: is a good site to match parts to build a computer build or add a new component. And you can see what others have picked.