PC Build Specs (off topic-ish)

I’m thinking of building a gaming machine for my basement for Zwift.  I would like to do it right the first time so wanted to know what the max specs Zwift thinks they will top out at?  While I know that Ultra mode might not be worth it at the moment I would assume that in a year the landscape might change.

I was looking at this site for specs:


My ideal would be that I can run swift at the highest rez and frame rate.



I’d go with an Intel i5 or i7, GTX970, 8GB of ram, and an SSD.   All that could probably be had for $1200USD with mobo/case/powersupply/etc.  

Any money you want to spend beyond that should go towards the video card, with the 980 being another $150, and the 980Ti being even another $150 beyond that (but is probably nearly twice as fast as the 970).

Thanks for the reply.  If I pull the trigger I will create a profile as I think as the userbase grows more people might be looking to build a machine where before it would never had been a concern.

This is very geek but these are a thing of beauty:



Take a look at this!


This is from Zwift.com


@Mark thanks for the link, I saw those but would want something more powerful and have been wanting to build a PC for while.  It is so easy to order the parts and put these things together now and you will get more bang for the buck.

I would like this to be able to run 4k or Ultra mode an a high refresh rate.  Totally not required I understand.