Changing from small ring to big ring

I assume this is a bug of some sort but advice either way would be appreciated. Ive been trying to control my workout to a certain maximum heart rate. Easy enough on the flat in the big ring but on climbs e.g Titans Grove, I need to change to the small ring and can usually achieve what i want. The issue is reaching the arch at the top of the climb I change back to the big ring for the downhill and s soon as I change, my avatar comes to a compete stop. Any suggestions why? I am obviously still cranking away, so why the sudden complete stop and my avatar putting their feet on the road?

Thats very strange behavior, can you give the specs of your trainer, devices, etc…

I don’t know the reason why you lost power (you would need to share a lot more detail about your setup) but the workout you described would be easier to execute with Trainer Difficulty set very low or at zero. If the problem is truly related to shifting, that might help you work around the issue until you figure it out.

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I have a the original Tacx Neo, run Zwift on Apple TV and been using Zwift for 6.5/7yrs. Ive done every climb during that time, in some cases multiple times and never encountered this issue before. If this had been an issue before I would have flagged it up and some of the climbs have been part of events and I would have lost a lot of ground, grinding to halt whilst changing from small ring to big ring.

Do you force close the app after every ride? Might just be a glitch? Never seen this reported before.

Yes. I always make sure that all apps on ATV are closed before I shut ATV down.

It sounds like this only happened one time, or have you been able to reproduce this over and over again?

You could try changing how you pair the trainer to test it. If you’re pairing directly to ATV, try pairing via Companion, or vice versa. You could also test it in the Tacx app with Zwift shut off.

Have you tried replicating this on other parts of the road?

Try starting in the small ring, and spin at whatever cadence–say 90rpm. Then shift into the big ring just like you would at the top of the KOM, see if you can make it happen there. Or try replicating it by leaving the chain on the same ring in front, and rapidly shifting up the cassette in back.

There is no way for Zwift, or your trainer, to know what ring your chain is on. All Zwift knows is the power and cadence the trainer reports, and all the trainer knows is what power you’re putting through the drivetrain, and some model of how that power is being distributed to figure out cadence.

So when there are no bugs, your avatar comes to a stop when no power is being reported by the trainer and when your speed is low enough to cause the lack of power to bring you to a stop. In theory, if you’re reaching the top of the KOM at a low enough speed (a couple of kph), and your shift to the big ring involves laying off the power for a second while you shift (as you should do when shifting), that alone might explain what’s happening.

I’ve noticed that there seems to be a little delay with the avatar ‘getting back on the bike’ after they put a foot down. Like once the game decides that your speed and power are low enough to stop you, the ‘stopping animation’ starts. And the game seems to need to go through the little animation of putting the foot down, and then picking it back up, before you’ll get going again. (There have been times when I was stopping on the roadside by a friend, and wanted to pull up right next to them, and was trying to creep just a foot or two forward, and the power I put in didn’t turn into forward motion right away because of the foot animation. At least that’s how it seems.)