Changes to Pace Partners [May 2022]

Ahhhh. :sweat_smile:
Being both heavy and slow, I’ve only seen the red devil zoom by me. Never attempted to join that particular pain train so I haven’t seen Anquetil’s messages before.

Thanks for the changes and for the testing. But wondering whether you have looked at this from a “gap” point of view. I think these are the w/kg and weight of the bots you are currently running, except that the C bot is dynamic pacing.

New Pace Partners Gaps

1.15w/kg @75kg 86.25w
w/kg gap=30% watt gap=42%
1.5w/kg @82kg 123w
w/kg gap=20% watt gap=10%
1.8w/kg @75kg 135w
w/kg gap=17% watt gap=20%
2.15w/kg @75kg 161.25w
w/kg gap=16% watt gap=1%
2.5w/kg @65kg 162.5w
w/kg gap=32% watt gap=41%
3.3w/kg @80kg 264w
w/kg gap=27% watt gap=3%
4.2w/kg @65kg 273w

Sounds like you could also integrate a chat bot which can respond to questions and offer small snippets of content.

I presume Zwift already has the chat-bot, just needs someone to write questions, keywords and answers and maintain it over time based on analytics from the bot system.

Did I miss the mention of Charlie Chaser? Also, thought there was a limit of 8 PPs that could be supported. I count 10 currently running?

From my understanding of James’ earlier message, the two extra added to Makuri this weekend are a last hurrah and just there until Monday, when the new bots move in to Watopia and all the Makuri ones are put in storage.

It could be a good area to give some racing and group ride advices too.“Be prepared for fast starts in races”. “The group rides can be based on the leader’s W/kg not yours”, etc.

Just rode with Denise Drops (2w/kg), nice pace for me today (~40kmh) and if you want to spice it up drop out of the draft and chase back :slight_smile:
Cheers @JamesBailey <insert Makuri Pace Bot discourse here…! >


Removal of pace partners from Makuri is terribly disappointing.

It took a long time to build up a community around the pace partners in Watopia. And they were there every single day, on the same routes. How can you expect people getting used to pace partners on Makuri if they are only available at random times? How can i plan my training if i’m not sure they will be there every day?

And how can i plan rides with friends if the Makuri pace partners are not even available for everyone? I had friends messaging me asking how to join because the partners were simply not showing for them. How can you compare data about the usage if we can’t use the features fully in the first place?

Zwift claimed that Makuri will be a new Watopia with constant extensions in the future. And what do we get instead? Features being removed. I’m sorry to say this but i’m losing trust in Zwift.


I guess someone at Zwift worked quite a lot on building up the personas of the original pace partners - and they did a pretty good job!

Simply copying the texts shows very little respect and care about that work and the community.

Same goes for Bowie talking about Watopia while riding in Makuri :person_facepalming:

The fact the Makuri PP have a lower head count is why they are so much better for those of us who do use them ( for Pace Partner purposes) , most who are raising issue is the thread are likely doing it for the same reason.

If you want to reduce the measured success of a pace partner by the size of the group , go ahead but please have the decency to rename it to Virtual Group ride or something to reflect this . :frowning:

Please return them ( or extend the presence of Pace Partners … esp A and B across more regions) . I would imagine it is those ones that are more used for Pacing training and thus benefit from the low group count.

Feature request . should you return these again: Could we see how many riders are grouped (in the PP proximity) on the home screen so we can choose the best ( least popular ) one.

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Thank you, James. Looking forward to giving you some data to analyze.

What if you could input the w/kg pace you want to ride at before you start the pace partner ride and you will stay with the generic pace partner as long as you ride at that w/kg. Different level riders could group together at different w/kg and you could ride any pace partner route anytime. It might be hard to integrate but it seems like it could work. Weaker riders would effectively be riding eBikes

Hi James. I noticed when riding with the red pace master (4.2w/kg) that I have to hold 4.2w/kg on a hill to stay with him. On the flats it’s 3.8w/kg. Any chance you can just make it 4.2w/kg regardless of terrain?

Ride next to him instead of behind him.

Due to Zwift physics, aside from getting out of the pace partner’s draft as Lin points to, it’s also going to be impossible to have an identical W/kg to the PP when riding with them across any terrain, unless you have the same weight, height, and bike. (A. Anquetil is 65kg. No idea of height. We can assume she uses a Tron.)
If you want a totally consistent W/kg ride, you’re probably better off creating your own workout session which could then make use of ERG mode.

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The Makuri PPs are identical copies of the Watopia ones. Something you might want to consider before you give me the big what for about having a lack of care or respect.

I tried to do a nice thing for the community by putting on these two partners for the weekend. Posts like yours make me think I shouldn’t have wasted my very precious free time doing so.


Low blow Marek - the pace partners are still Futureworks which means beta in any other language buty regardless, James uses his access an employee to better the experience for us all and a lot of that time is when he isnt on the clock, not to mention the time he puts in to community events that a lot of us also participate in. Sheessh.


Really enjoyed riding with the new Pace Partners in Makuri Islands earlier. Denise Drops on a nice flat course @ 2.0W/Kg was perfect recovery for me, & a nice change to Tempus.

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Hey Alfie, the A Partner holds the same pace throughout the ride. Have a look at the other comments regarding placements.

Unlike in the forum, the comments I’ve seen in game about the pace partner changes have all been positive