Cat enforcement have ruined Zwift for me

Zwift disagrees with you.


I’m not to far behind you stats wise as I am 61Kg with a ZP FTP of 234 and I’m in B on CE (and a middle class B at best, normally I finish mid to lower mid table). I can only assume you must have high VO2/MAP numbers pushing you into A. If its any consolation it may get easier to race in A when the Northern hemisphere winter starts and there are more people racing as I find this time of the year the people who do race Zwift seem to be stronger on average - maybe only the Zwift race specialists are left.


Think I will just make sure I don’t do an effort that would cause me to be put in A from now on.
Really pay attention of not being too high in power for more than 5 minutes.
Although I still don’t really understands how it works. I don’t really now what CP is anyway.

Think our power is pretty similar, I think you can understand how it would feel for me in A

It’s kinda like an estimated FTP, but not 95% of your best 20 minutes.

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More races you do the more accurate your Power Curve will be…you can drop to a lower category within a 60day window. Looking at you ZP you only have 4 events this year and AHDR on 14th June is the reason you are in Cat A.
With the new Category Enforcement you also have to be very carefull with your trainer…if it gives you weird numbers stop and calibrate.

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I have a Tacx Neo 2T so don’t need to calibrate. I think that event was an all out last lap after a group ride and I could hold on for that 12min with the group but I was dead and destroyed after that.
Will never do something like that again from
now on.
so the power graph is an average and not the best power recorded?

Strange one, at least I am 100% i can never hold 259w for an hour.
So the calculation is also based on really short efforts ?

If you held 264w for 14 minutes I’m struggling to understand how you feel that 259w is massively out.

My best 10 and 20 minute power is basically the same, although that’s on a time trial so not the best example!


259 for an hour vs 264 for 14 minutes is a big difference. That 14 min was all out, I was completely dead after that.

pretty much nobody will be able to do their ftp for a full hour, its why the majority of ftp tests are 20 minutes

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(So CP is what you can hold for 20 minutes or an estimated ftp? I am confused now)

That’s why the x 0.95 is there, that is what I mean.
How can my estimated ftp be a higher number than what I can hold for 20 minutes

My ftp even if that CP value is correct would be 259*0.95 which is below 250w. So I should never been able to enter A as 250w has always been the bare minimum.

Please read this:

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‘CP will be shown on Zwift so that you can see it and improve it. Note that often this is a lower value than FTP’

I am sorry but this makes no sense, my CP is 259 because I can hold 264 for 14 minutes??
I have read it but I still don’t understand how it works as I can hold about 250w for 20 minutes.
How come my CP is so high?
Especially because I am about the least explosive rider even in B

I am trying to understand but I really can’t, especially after reading that it is more often lower than your ftp.
It still doesn’t really explain to me how CP is calculated

It’s just a rather arbitrary curve fit that predicts that you have a CP of just over 250W. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. The concept is wrong regardless of the details of the calculation.

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Yeah from what i have read above CP should be what you can hold for indefinitely (which is 30min according to the article)
Well no way I can hold 259 for 30 minutes, not even close…

A donate-ware account at will give you a two parameter CP W/Kg value, which you can configure to look at the past 60 days of indoor rides. This will give you a good clue as to your CE class.

For me in CE and Zwiftpower B this is 3.85, my unimpressive best 30mins in the past 60 days (albeit I haven’t done a lot of turbo since March) is 3.43W/Kg.

Perfect i also have Tacx Neo 2T so your numbers should be spot on…what we are looking for CE is this Power Curve…check yours vs mine. I’m B and you are A. I have done full efforts for 20min, 8mins, 6mins and Sprints in the last 60days.

I’m running a monthly racing series every Thursday at 19:45 CEST and i look at routes that have from Sprints to +20min efforts kind of efforts. Read the description:

Are you 61Kg though ?

They shouldn’t, as it seems obvious that no matter how a category is defined there will be people in the lower half and other people in the higher half of each. CE has obviously redrawn the borders, so it’s no guarantee (as numerous posts complain) that if you were in the upper half previously under ZP definitions, you could well find yourself now in the lower half of a category under CE definitions.


Spot on! I begun in D (ZP, not CE) in November/December each year and was bottom C after some races. It is the same IRL, there are only three steps on the winner’s podium.

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