Can't sign up for race today

Today there is a race event shown on ZwiftPower as “THE WINTER’S TOUR - Team INOX” (4023701) at 13:15. From the race’s description I don’t see that it is restricted. (I had previously raced in 2 INOX races.) However, this event isn’t shown on the Zwift app nor on zwift dot com/events.
How do I sign up?

Registration link in race description.

I created an account. I then logged in at the registration link. I then clicked on \Winter’s Tour\Registration WT\ which gave the following form. It seems that this is a team event since the Team info is required. However, there is no mention of this in ZwiftPower’s description and many of the current participants don’t show as team members in ZwiftPower. What am I missing?

according to the description : it’s a fierce individual competition with points and time rankings.

probably better off contacting the organiser than asking on here as we don’t know how the event is configured

Probably too late at this point. I’ll look for another event.