Can't find hard enough gear on climb


I am not sure if this happens to others or not. The scenario is, I am a B rider and yesterday’s hilly race starts hard, I am hanging in with the lead group but at 6 minutes there is a steep climb. I am not in my hardest gear and going real hard uphill but my power is not increasing and then I am now in the second group. I ride a cyclops H2 so I am not sure if that impacts things. I wasn’t grinding the gear over the top and had good leg speed. So, is this a settings issue? Did I just get dropped? Any thoughts?

Ed Krasnai

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You can increase the trainer difficulty so that you have more resistance going up the climb, or you can change gears to increase your power output.
Most people increase their effort up the climbs to drop riders that was barely hanging on.

What in-game bike were you using?

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Shuji at ZwiftHQ here. I’m seeing on your session logs that most of your riding is done on an iPad 4th gen, with one session from an iPhone 10. I’d like to have you try this same route as yesterday, but use the iPhone this time.

The iPad is an older model running iOS 12.4.5. My guess is that this configuration may not support the flavor of Bluetooth Smart that controls the resistance of your trainer as the gradient in-game changes. The test with the newer phone will suss that out.

This article from 2012 goes into a bit more detail about the flavor of Bluetooth that’s used by trainer manufacturers and by Zwift. Your iPad may have been made around that time, so it may be relevant to your setup.


Interesting. Thanks for the responses. I will try that ride next week on the iphone and see what happens. For the others, I was on the standard zwift carbon road bike and was in my big ring on the front and my 11 in the rear going up a 10+ percent hill.


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