Canned warm-up rides

Would be cool if there was a set of warm-up workouts that we could choose from for races/time trials of various distances… I have made my own custom ones, but would be curious of the community would find value in this too to generate a folder of options for us.

Le Col Legends, Sir Bradley Wiggins Ultimate Warmup?

perhaps… but when i was googling for ideas, it seemed there would be varied lengths/intensities of warm-ups based on whether a short crit race or a long TT, for example.

then again, i’m probably over-thinking, and a basic D rider, so if it’s good enough for Sir Wiggins, it’s good enough for me.

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A if you can, look up GP Lama’s one. It works great for me.


If this is one is what Tím means, I can recommend it, too.


Thanks! I’ll try it out tomorrow for my TT

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