Cadence not the same on zwift as bike shows

I can’t seem to get the cadence the same on zwift as I am actually going? Any suggestions? It shows I’m barely moving when I’m peddling like crazy and sweating hard.

Hi Lisa, can you describe your set-up a bit more?  The forward movement of your Zwift rider is not dependent on cadence.  If using a smart trainer or power meter, your power output determines your rider’s progress (along with in-game terrain, height, weight, bike/wheels).  If using a classic trainer, the rider’s movement still is function of power, but now it’s an estimated power.  Zwift relies on a speed sensor on your bike and an estimated power curve.

What sort of trainer do you have, and what devices (trainer, speed/cadence, etc) do you have in Zwift on the pairing screen?  For classic trainers, the wheel tension (and tire pressure, and tire tread) can make a big difference with how well your physical efforts on the bike match up to the expected power curve.  Also note that the wheel size selected in Zwift can throw things off if selected incorrectly.  And make sure the trainer selected in-game is the trainer you have.

For certain configurations, the readings simply won’t be accurate but should provide  enough of an experience to get a taste of what Zwift has to offer.

Ride on!

Hey Lisa! If you’re still having trouble getting your avatar to move in game, I’d suggest opening a support ticket. If you provide them with the trainer you’re using and the other pieces of equipment you have paired to Zwift, our team will get you fully connected and on your way to a great ride. :slight_smile: